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Buddha Dispelling Fear [Object of the Day #49]


This sculpture from the 16 century, from Thailand, shows a standing Buddha. He stands very straight, in the center of a lotus throne and is draped in a transparent robe and sarong-like undergarment. His body is shown with large, square shoulders and a chiseled waist line which, taken allegorically, makes a connection between his physical […]

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Feather Cape [Object of the Day #46]

Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 9.49.34 AM

Cape consisting of bundles of small yellow, red, and black feathers tied in overlapping rows to a netted foundation of plant fiber.  Like Object of the Day #14, a long feather cloak, this cape was an item of aristocratic regalia and a signifier of rank in ancient Hawaii.  Full length cloaks were worn by the […]

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For Shark Week 2012 Why Not Enjoy a Shark Salad?


It’s Shark Week and how better to celebrate than with a shark inspired creation! Enjoy our shark salad! For this summer’s best dish please read directions and reference images below What you will need: 1: Shark hook, from Oceania, held in Penn Museum’s collection. For more info click here! 2: Weapon with shark teeth, from […]

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Summer Nights Featuring Minas!

Penn Museum's Summer Nights Concert Series

A hot and humid August day gets a refreshing twist during Penn Museum’s Summer Nights concert series. This time we heard the luscious sounds of musicians: Orlando Haddad and Patricia King. They formed Minas in 1978 at North Carolina School of the Arts and have been traveling both around the U.S and South America ever […]

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2012 London Olympics: Nike Then and Now

Coin from Classical Greek period

What do the Olympic games from circa 405 BC have in common with London’s in 2012? A key may be in the representation of Victory. Read what two representations of Victory reveal about our understanding of the Olympics.

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