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Understanding The Re-Signification of Musica Territory

By: Maria Fernanda Esteban Palma

During the last two weeks I have been talking to scholars who are interested in contemporary Muisca groups, and who have introduced me to some spiritual and political leaders of both officially recognized and non-recognized communities. But let’s start from the beginning: who are Muisca? Muisca was -or should we say is?- an indigenous “prehispanic […]

Exploring Contemporary Indigenous Spritualities Through Material Culture


By: Maria Fernanda Esteban Palma

I will be working in central Colombia (the Cundinamarca and Boyaca areas), from 22nd June to 22nd August, exploring how indigeneity is constructed and experienced in urban contexts. I will look at how spiritual practices are authenticated through their materialization in pre-hispanic archaeological artifacts and landscapes. This research will provide us important data to analyze […]

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