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A Queen, Dethroned (For Now)


By: Tom Stanley

The centerpiece of the Museum’s Iraq’s Ancient Past: Rediscovering Ur’s Royal Cemetery exhibition, and indeed a highlight of our entire collection, is the headdress and jewelry of Queen Puabi. Dating to some 4,500 years ago, her elaborate adornments included earrings, wreaths, rings, a comb, and a hair ribbon made of precious materials like gold, lapis lazuli, […]

Rediscovering a Forgotten Egyptian Pharaoh: A Penn Student’s Experience in the Field

Excavation site

By: Tom Stanley

In January, researchers from the Penn Museum made an historic discovery in Abydos, Egypt—unearthing the tomb and skeletal remains of a previously unknown pharaoh, Woseribre Senebkay, who reigned in the 17th century BCE. The finding was the culmination of work at the site that began in summer 2013 by a team led by Dr. Josef […]

Archives Photo of the Week: The Great Pi-ramid?

General view of the pyramids.

By: Tom Stanley

A quick note: On most Fridays,  Archivist Eric Schnittke posts cool and interesting photos from the Penn Museum Archives here on our blog. I’m happy to say that Eric is at home with his wife Maureen and their brand new baby, Cormac Xavier, who was born just this past Monday. We at the Museum congratulate […]

Summer 2013 in the Field


By: Tom Stanley

Netherlands, Crete, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Iraq, Turkey, India, Mexico, France—this summer break, 20 University of Pennsylvania students (six undergraduate and 14 graduate students) will be doing research in 13 countries around the world, funded in part by competitive Penn Museum summer field research grants. The projects, supported by Penn and Penn Museum […]

A Q&A “In the Artifact Lab” with Molly Gleeson

Molly Gleeson

By: Tom Stanley

One of the most interesting new Museum projects is our current exhibition, In the Artifact Lab: Conserving Egyptian Mummies. It’s unique in a number of ways, but notably for the fact that you can actually talk to the experts as they conduct live conservation work right before your eyes. As a coordinator for our social […]

Penn Museum, Arden Theatre Company, and Freud’s obsession with antiquities

Freud's Last Session

By: Tom Stanley

The Arden Theatre Company, in Old City Philadelphia, is setting the stage for a unique new production… with some help from the Penn Museum. The Arden’s upcoming show, Freud’s Last Session, is set in the London office of Dr. Sigmund Freud—a famed psychologist with a penchant for collecting antiquities. In order to accurately recreate Freud’s […]

“Insights into Ancient Egypt”: Touch tours for the visually impaired

Insights into Ancient Egypt touch tours

By: Tom Stanley

This fall, the Penn Museum is offering a new series of tours specially designed for people who are blind and visually impaired. These weekly tours offer visitors the opportunity to experience our collections as never before, by inviting guests with visual impairments to touch, feel, and investigate authentic ancient objects from our Egypt (Sphinx) Gallery […]

WDAS-FM encourages local communities to Imagine Africa

By: Tom Stanley

  Imagine Africa media sponsor WDAS has been out in the community talking up the Imagine Africa project.  In November, the WDAS street team was out at the Universal Circus.  Look for the WDAS team out in the community this winter and spring!

One Ticket, Two Awesome Museums

By: Tom Stanley

Penn Museum has partnered with the Mütter Museum, another of Philadelphia’s most unique and intriguing destinations, in offering a double admission ticket for both museums! Between the archaeological and anthropological wonders that grace the galleries of Penn Museum, and the many anatomical marvels on display at the Mütter, you’re bound to discover a thing or […]

Experience “Highlights of the Galleries” with new iPod Touch tour

By: Tom Stanley

Visitors can now explore Penn Museum’s world-class galleries in a brand new way, with the “Highlights of the Galleries” iPod Touch tour! This fun and fact-filled tour,  featuring translations in English, Spanish and American Sign Language, guides visitors through each of the Museum’s permanent galleries, helping them take a closer look at some of the […]

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