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A Little Light Reading for the Troops

Jane Hickman, Editor of Expedition magazine and Maureen Goldsmith, from the Director’s Office at the Penn Museum, recently sent a stack of past issues of Expedition magazine to Staten Island Project Homefront. The magazines are being sent to troops stationed abroad, including Afghanistan. Staten Island Project Homefront is a non-profit organization that supports the families of deployed military troops […]

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Afghanistan in Peacetime: “Painted Trucks”(1972), presented by the filmmakers, Judith and Stanley Hallet

Looking through a collection of 16mm films housed in the Museum Library, our film archivist came across a 1972 film which gives a rare glimpse of peace in a country often torn apart by war. We got in touch with the filmmakers, Judith and Stanley Hallet, who let us know that this film is a […]

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Notes from Afghanistan: The Burning of the Koran

I’ve just returned from Afghanistan but I wanted to write one final blog regarding the burning of the Koran by the Florida minister last month. As many of you know, that act resulted in a number of anti-American and anti-UN protests during this past weekend, some of which turned violent, with several UN personnel and […]

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Rugs and Facebook: “Battleground War Rugs from Afghanistan”

With the political uprisings that have swept across the Middle East and Northern Africa in the past few months, we see the important role that social media has played in elucidating the general public as well as in creating and portraying a cohesive national voice for the people themselves during times of conflict.  Without the […]

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Notes from Afghanistan, Day Four: Equal Education for Boys and Girls

Thursday’s events fell into three groups. In the morning we attended the opening of a girls’ school in Ghazni that had been funded by the U.S. Embassy and implemented by the Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in conjunction with the Ghazi Department of Women’s Affairs. There were opening speeches by the governor along with an […]

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Notes from Afghanistan, Day Three: Ancient Monuments of Ghazni

Today was devoted exclusively to a tour of the ancient monuments of Ghazni, which stretch from perhaps as early as the Achaemenid or Persian period to the Timurid period in the early 16th century. This trip required us to travel to all sides of the city. Although we advised at the beginning of the day […]

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Notes from Afghanistan, Day Two: A Tour of Ghazni

Early this morning we boarded a military helicopter and flew to Ghazni, nearly 150 km to the southwest of Kabul. The flight took us over the Hindu Kush mountains, which had been crossed by Alexander over 2,300 years ago. We’re staying just outside of Ghazni at a PRC (Provincial Reconstruction Center), which contains a mix […]

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Notes from Afghanistan, Day One

C. Brian Rose, former President of the Archaeological Institute of America, shares his observations about Afghanistan during his current trip: As many of you will remember, two years ago I had the good fortune of visiting Iraq at the invitation of the US Embassy in Baghdad, and I described my impressions of the country, and […]

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