Catching up

Things have gotten especially interesting around here (see my Museum post “Exodus”, from May 28) and I haven’t had a chance to update you on the Tang Horses.  Our Chinese colleagues left us on May 28th, having accomplished great things in a very short time.  As I told them, they did in three weeks what it might have taken Julie and I several months to do, with all our other responsibilities here.  We’re very appreciative of all their help and grateful to the Tang Da Ming Palace Foundation for sponsoring their visit.

Remember this?  The foam-and-epoxy insert we made to replace the missing area below Curly’s (C 396) belly?  Here’s what it looks like after having been inserted; more finely shaped; adhered; and covered with a mixture of acrylic resin, glass microballoons, and stone powder; and finally inpainted to match the surrounding stone. Pretty nifty, eh?

Detail of C 396 ('Curly') showing large filled area.

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