Archives Photo of the Week: Dreaming of Warm Weather


Yoni, Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone, 1937.
Penn Museum Image #24909

Philadelphia is cold. We were just hit with a snow storm, temperatures aren’t supposed to be above freezing for another week, and the thought of waiting outside for SEPTA just fills one with dread.

Let’s think some better thoughts: warm sun, beaches, swimming in the ocean. This week’s photo of the week lends itself perfectly to those thoughts.

Taken in 1937 in Sierra Leone, the image depicts a man demonstrating casting a net (usually deployed from a canoe) on a beach. The scene was captured by Henry Usher Hall, a curator at the Penn Museum from 1915 to 1935. During his time at the Museum, he led several expeditions in the field, including Siberia and Africa.

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