Boy Scouts at the Penn Museum

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  • Lynn Grant

    Eeek. I mean, it’s a wonderful pic but – as a conservator – I can’t help noticing that both the teepee and the headdress could be original artifacts. When I first started at the Museum (1988, gasp), there was a reproduction teepee in the inner courtyard next to the Kress Gallery but I don’t think it was the one shown in this photo….

  • Ron Harvey

    Nicely done Scott, and great photos of the work!

  • Ellen

    Way to go Molly! Two UCLA/Getty students have recently been involved in creating similar overlays on fragile textiles. By the way, I like how your falcon mummy has a “heel” and a “toe”!!

    • pennartifactlab

      Thanks Ellen
      This was definitely a rewarding treatment. And I just finished it
      completely-I’ll get a post up soon about the rest of the work!

  • pennartifactlab

    Thanks Cyndy! I will be posting another one soon about how I completed
    the falcon mummy treatment. There is more fragile linen on other
    artifacts here in the lab as well, so this work is really helpful as I
    prepare to start these other treatments.