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Ancient Ur and Historic Iraq: Woolley’s 11th Season

Photo taken by Father Leon Legrain in Ur season 4 (1925-1926. At center is Hamoudi's son Yahia who was in charge of photography and here he carries the photo tripod. At left may be his brother Ibrahim, though evidence tends to indicate he bean work only in the following season 5.

By: Brad Hafford

Ur Digitization Project Blog, March 2016 Spotlight on Archival Documents Field Report dated December 31, 1932 Over the past few months I’ve been going over the reports that Leonard Woolley sent from the field 80-90 years ago. This analysis is helping to create pages at Ur-Online that track the yearly progress of excavation. We have collected the field reports […]

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Decadrachm Coin from Syracuse, 400 BCE [Object of the day #1]


By: Amy Ellsworth

This Syrakosion (meaning “of the Syracusans”) coin from around 400 BCE is a decadrachm—a silver coin equal to ten drachmas. It depicts the head of the goddess Arethusa surrounded by four dolphins on one side. Greek coins often display a god on the obverse. Later, in the Hellenistic and Roman period the portrait of a […]

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The Golden Age of King Midas

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