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Back to the Baths: Season 3 at Cosa – Sophie Crawford-Brown

Aerial view of our excavation area. The round outline of the laconicum is visible on the left (photo by Matthew Brennan).

Every year, the Penn Museum provides support to Penn undergraduates and graduate students as they deepen their understanding of the human experience outside the Museum’s walls. Follow these blog posts from our intrepid young scholars as they report on the sights and sites that they encounter throughout their travels in the field. At the beginning […]

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Baths in the Dirt: Season 2 at Cosa

Rainwater pooling on a floor made of  (still working!) Roman waterproof concrete

“Depart, work and troubles! Now I sing of the baths that sparkle with shining stones…” -Statius, Silvae 1.5 Roman baths were famous for their opulence and ubiquity, and are spoken of admiringly by a number of ancient authors. To excavate a Roman bath, however, is a different matter. The baths do not sparkle, nor do […]

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Excavations at Cosa

View from Cosa

My name is Sophie Crawford-Brown and I am going into my second year at Penn as a PhD student in Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World. Thanks to the generous support of the Penn Museum, I was able to excavate at a fascinating site in Italy this summer. The dig team was staying in […]

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