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All the Pretty Photos

I have been uploading images on a very slow international DSL connection so I haven’t been able to post all of Jenn’s photography on the blog posts. See all the photos on flickr or in this slideshow: Created with flickr slideshow.

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Elephants Ate My Roof

Komande had to drive us through the wait-a-minute trees to our bomas because the herd of elephants was not budging. We teetered over the uneven packed dirt and two huge elephants appeared in the headlights just a few meters away from the door of my boma. I had been given two keys and I didn’t […]

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Dumpster Diving in Laikipia

Last night the elephants herd took over the camp. They hung around until 6am. When I asked Jenn how she slept, she said bluntly, “I had elephants.” They surrounded her banda and started rubbing up against it. They were kicking stones around and actually broke a water pipe to drink the water. Jenn said she […]

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Digging at Clifford Rocks

Mulu’s philosophy on the mental state of archaeologists There are elephants outside my banda right now. I can hear them trumpeting. I also found out that the whooping noises are hyena. As the ascari (guard) walked me through the darkness, I shined my flashlight into the acacia bushes and saw the most sinister eye shine. […]

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Gearing Up

Kathleen Ryan, Associate Curator of the African Section at the Penn Museum, approached me months ago about going to Kenya with her team to video tape her research on the Laikipia Plateau. “Sure!” I said, thinking I would never get approval from above. It seemed like too much of a fantasy opportunity to ever materialize […]

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Elephant Experience

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSDH8QzaiQ&hl=en_US&fs=1&] Kathleen, Mick, Michael and I sat down to our yogurt (which is all we could safely digest) at cafe Joma and one of us finally admitted that we half regretted signing up to ride elephants on our day off. After trekking up and down mountains and sleeping on cement, all we really wanted to […]

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