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Ur Project: December 2015

Left: Penn Museum Number 32-40-29 (U.17820) showing a woman nursing a child, Top: Penn Museum Number B5695 (U.1211) a Pazuzu amulet or mask, and Bottom: British Museum Number 1924,0920.95 (U.1753) a Pazuzu amulet or mask.

By: Kyra Kaercher

Where are all the children? Focus on 32-40-29 (U.17820), B15695 (U.1211), 87-28-21 (U.3169), B15708 (U.1252) Children comprise between 40% and 65% of most documented social groups from foragers to industrialized nations, and as such, can be expected to have created portions of the archaeological record (Baxter 2005).  At Ur, we have many child burials, but artifacts […]

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Ubaid Figurine [Object of the Day #79]


By: Alyssa Kaminski

  With her hands on her hips and a bitumen wig, the most defining characteristic of this figurine may be her bird head. Created in Iraq during the Ubaid Period, this figure represents a nude woman. The figurine is made from terracotta and bitumen. It was created using an incising method which uses sharp tools to […]

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