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Queen Puabi’s Headdress [Object of the Day #70]


By: Gabrielle Niu

This ornate headdress and pair of earrings were found with the body of Queen Puabi in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. The headdress is made up of 20 gold leaves, two strings of lapis and carnelian, and a large gold comb. When Queen Puabi was found, there were several distinct aspects of her burial. On […]

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Apalaii Headdress [Object of the Day #67]


By: Alyssa Kaminski

This large, elaborate headdress is made of feathers and beetle wings, characteristic of the Apalaii people of Guyana.┬áIt was collected by William Curtis Farabee who conducted a pioneering expedition to the Amazon in 1913. For three years, Farabee explored and collected among the little-known tribes of the Amazon, Guyana, and eastern Peru, and conducted excavations […]

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