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Trekking in Transoxiana: My Journey to Central Asia and Beyond – Kyle Olson

Togolok-21, a fortified BMAC site in Turkmenistan (Photo Credit: Google Image Search, www.andrewlawler.com).

Every year, the Penn Museum provides support to Penn undergraduates and graduate students as they deepen their understanding of the human experience outside the Museum’s walls. Follow these blog posts from our intrepid young scholars as they report on the sights and sites that they encounter throughout their travels in the field. 1 August 2015 […]

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If these pots could talk…

Photo Caption: “If these pots could talk…” Illustration by Ardeth Anderson Abrams  Penn Museum Scholars presents  Joyce White, Associate Curator for Asia and Director of the Ban Chiang Project Marie-Claude Boileau, Postdoctoral Scholar in archaeological ceramics    Wednesday, September 21st 12:30 pm • Classroom #2  Pottery excavated from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ban Chiang, Thailand […]

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