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Yoruba Drum [Object of the Day #112]


By: Alyssa Kaminski

  This drum, from Nigeria, is characteristic of the Yoruba people. The object is made from wood and displays intricate carvings of fish legged people. The stylized carving represents the king-god and his arm-supporters. The drum is large in size and is missing it’s hide drumhead. Penn Museum Object #29-93-39 See this and other objects […]

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Yoruba Sculpture from Nigeria [Object of the Day #26]

Yoruba Sculpture

By: Amy Ellsworth

This wooden sculpture from Nigeria depicts two African men carrying a European man wearing a pith helmet in a palanquin. Read more about the depiction of Europeans in Yoruba art in the Expedition magazine article The Pink People by David Crownover. Penn Museum Object #75-31-1. See this and other objects like it in the Penn […]

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The Golden Age of King Midas

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