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Southern Sudan
Ostrich Egg Shell
Cowrie Shells
Ostrich egg shell decorated with leather and paper appliques and covered with net of glass beads and cowry shells. One end of shell is suspended from rawhide disc by braided leather thongs; at other side of disc, thong divides into two smaller twisted thongs of unequal length. Thong enters shell at center of thin brown leather square with design of cut-out triangles; leather square is applique over larger pale grey square of paper. A similar square is attached to other end of shell. Between these, and separating shell into quadrants, run four leather strips with diamond-shaped cut-outs appliqued over paper. Holes pierced around rim of rawhide disc are strung with beaded threads which have been knotted in fishnet fashion. Each horizontal register of netting strung with beads of single color. Primary colors are green, red, blue, and white, with lesser use of black and orange. Netting terminates with cowry shells.
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Gift of John B. Moore

Current & Past Exhibitions:

Imagine Africa with the Penn Museum (18 Sep 2011)
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