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Rectangular carved wooen door constructed of three rectangular panels attached with two crossbeams in the back. Wood is heavy, dark and fairly shiny. Condition is excellent. Carving is in relief of varying depths. All panels decorated with animals or objects arranged however they will best fit into allotted space. These are decorated with relief carved patterns. Border of diagonal lines at top and bottom of each panel. Decending left panel (top to bottom): arrow, profile of reptilian animal facing bottom of door with bow between feet, front part of snake, gun (?), bird, back half of unidentifiable creature with long 'squiggled' tail standing straight up. Decending center panel (top to bottom): two triangles connected by curve with diamond in between, horizontal cylinder with concave sides, ends connected b curve on bottom, rectangular window with cracked mirror, same unidentifiable animal as on left panel, top view of reptile, tall fat bird with long neck and short legs, gun next to bird. The last three figures have long 'squiggled' tails which blend into one til-border on right of panel. Decending right panel (top to bottom): banner-like object, sword or club, small window as on center, but without mirror, upside down turtle, two upside down connecting profile birds withspace in between them.
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Gift of Mrs. J. D. Kingsley in memory of her late husband, 1972

Current & Past Exhibitions:

African Gallery (1987 - 1994)
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African Gallery ( Aug 1995)
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[Catalogue, Exhibition] Curnow, Kathy. 2014. At Home In Africa: Design, Beauty and Pleasing Irregularity in Domestic Settings. : Page/Fig./Plate: Page 181/Fig. 11-8
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