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CBS Register: figurine in alabaster. woman in reclining position, legs partly covered with a thin drapery. The arms [handwriting unclear] , feet partly broken off

Romano: Semi-nude reclining female with body twisted in frontal position leaning on her left arm with a separately attached forearm. The right arm was separately attached from the mid-biceps and was held out along length of body, resting on the side of the buttocks where a small attachment surface is preserved. The attachment surfaces for the arms are smoothed flat with a small drill hole. THe upper body upright and the right leg overlapping the left. The feet are not represented and the legs end in stumps. Drapery is wrapped around her lower thighs and legs and around her left upper arm. Heavy body proportions with large pointed breasts, full stomach with crease at bend, drilled navel, and full thighs. Below the left thigh is a drilled hole for the attachment to a mount, probably modern. Large rectangular head with hair summarily treated with a halo surrounding head and a bun at the back. Slits for eyes in shallow sockets, long straight nose, full lips. Neck is thick and elongated. Back is summarily treated with folds of drapery and depression for spine."
Credit Line:
Purchased from Joseph Shemtob, London; subscription of E. W. Clark, et. al., 1888
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JS 310   -   Field No Collector Number


[Catalogue, Collection] Romano, Irene B. 2006. Classical Sculpture; Catalogue of the Cypriot, Greek and Roman Stone Sculpture in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. : Page/Fig./Plate: p. 307, no. 150
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