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PG. Pit W. SIS 4-5
Near Eastern
Primary image is of deer playing bow-shaped harps

a note in the same white ink as the UE III number states "3 frags"
UE III: banquet in fableland, where animals play the parts of men. The lion is the king, and he sits, tumbler in hand, on a stool with openwork sides and bull's feet as elegant as that of a queen (cf No. 382). Animals, too, are his servants: three asses (?) led by a goat, all standing on their hind legs. The two first bring a spouted vase and a sealed jar, the two last play the harp and the cymbals. Smaller animals, monkey, cat or jackal, complete with court, sitting, dancing, or catching a small beast in their claws. The butcher is a lion, who cuts with a dagger the throat of a young gazelle, over a young ass holding a stick or tuba (?). There is perhaps an eagle on the upper shelf, and a jumping kid. The offerings are piled before the king and on the shelf: spouted and two-handled jars, loaves or cheeses of round, oval, and triangular form, two legs of mutton. On the butt-end of the cylinder are cut three figures, a wild boar, a scorpion, and an arrow-point. Clay sealing. Baked and shellacked post-excavation. Fragment impressed with designs of animals playing instruments.
Credit Line:
British Museum/University Museum Expedition to Ur, Iraq
Other Number:
U.18408   -   Field No SF
UE III: 384   -   Other Number
897   -   Other Number


[Book] Galpin, Francis W. 1937. The Music of the Sumerians and their Immediate Sucessors the Babylonian and Assyrians. : Page/Fig./Plate: Plate V:5
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