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Beth Shean
Near Eastern
Female Head
Romano: "no field number. two funerary busts from Beth Shean were given the same UPM accession number, 29-107-921. This bust retained this number, while the male funerary bust was renumbered 29-107-980.
Frontal female bust with flat features. Crudely rendered. Hair is worn in a melon coiffure, parted in large, thickened section from the forehead to meet in a flattened bun at the back of head. Ridges on both sides of the neck possibly indicate locks also fell to the sides. Low forehead with a sharp ridge for the protruding brow. Large eyes, the let more deeply set than the right; ridges for eyelids. protruding oval eyeball, and deeply drilled holes for pupils. Thin, straight nose. Small mouth with thick lower lip and gouge separating upper and lower lips. Little modeling of the cheeks. Slightly jutting chin. Angled flattened areas for small ears with raised circular earrings with depression in centers (hoops?) Long conical neck. Two garments are indicated: a tunic represented by a horizontal ridge at the neckline, and a shawl (ampechonon) with a rolled V at the front. Bust is square with flat front with rough, unfinished ? zone at the front bottom edge. Rough, uneven bottom; rough sides; roughly finished back."
Credit Line:
Expedition to Beth Shean (Beisan); Clarence Fisher
Other Number:
?   -   Field No SF


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