Penn Museum in the News

4/02/12 - WHYY Radio
Understanding the Influence of the Ancient Maya

4/11/12 - New York Times
Cryptic Calendar and the People Who Made It ‘Maya 2012: Lords of Time,’ at the Penn Museum

4/24/12 - CBS Philly
Penn Museum Gears Up for New Mayan Exhibiit

4/26/12 - newsworks
'Lords of Time' reign at Penn museum exhibit on Mayan calendar and culture

5/16/12 - Chicago Tribune
Maya 2012!

5/1/12 - 6ABC
Central America’s Mayan civilization exhibit

5/2/12 - The Philadelphia Inquirer
Penn’s “Maya 2012: Lords of Time” exhibit debunks 2012 prophecy

5/4/12 - Washington Post
Maya exhibit at Penn Museum in Philadelphia seeks to dispel apocalypse myth in December 2012

5/10/12 - Daily Times
End of the World? Delco’s Quinn helps dispel the Mayan myth (With Video)

5/10/12 - USA Today
Newly discovered Mayan calendar goes way past 2012

5/14/12 - The Wall Street Journal
Apocalypse Never

5/14/12 - The Philadelphia Inquirer
’Maya 2012’ at Penn Museum shows pre-Columbian sophistication

5/15/12 - Montgomery Media
’Lords of Time’ dispels fear of 2012 endgame: Exhibit at Penn Museum illuminates Maya culture

1/10/12 - WHYY Newsworks
At Penn museum, art of Africa resonates with musicians

1/4/12 - Popular Archaeology
Massive New Archaeological Collections Database Released for Scholars and Public

11/23/11 - Washington Post
Historic brews being poured once more

11/15/11 - Tribune
Business Group Connects Black Diaspora

11/3/11 - The Onion A.V. Club
10,000 dominoes to fall Sunday at Penn Museum

10/20/11 - NBC10
Go Global Stay Local

9/26/11 - Drexel University Cultural Passport
Imagining Africa

9/4/11 - Popular Archaeology
World's Largest Human Fossil Cast Collection Goes Public 

8/31/11UC Review
Ten Years After September 11: Programming at the Penn Museum

8/ 01/11Smithsonian Magazine
The Beer Archaeologist

6/14/11The Philadelphia Inquirer
Controversial skull study gets a new spin

6/13/11 - New York Times
Scientists Measure the Accuracy of a Racism Claim

5/03/11 -
War-weary Afghans weave threads of violence into rugs

Maximus! Maximus!: Gladiator Day @ the Penn Museum

2/20/11 - New York Times
Another Stop on a Long, Improbable Journey

10/25/10 - LA Times
Mummies found in China shed some of their political sensitivity

10-25-10 - Por AL DÍA NEWS
UPenn celebrará la cultura mexicana

10/18/10Daily Pennsylvanian
South Street Bridge to open Nov. 6

8/24/10 - CNN
Grandfather's ghost story leads to mysterious mass grave

6/1/10 - Philadelphia Inquirer
Inqlings: 'Priceless' FBI art-case agent at Penn Museum

4/28/10Courier Post Online
Micro brews, maximum fun

4/15/10 Heritage Key
Secret of the Silk Road

4/8/10 - Daily Pennsylvanian
From skulls to sphinx, artifacts abound at Penn Museum

4/5/10 New York Times
In Syria, a Prologue for Cities

4/2/10Back on My Feet Blog
Righteous Dopefiend Exhibit at the Penn Museum

3/19/10USA Today
European-looking mummies found in China, shown in Calif

3/7/10 - Chicago Tribune
Ancient brews brought back to life

2/26/10Philadelphia Inquirer
Philly TV classic is brought back to life

2/19/10The Daily Pennsylvanian
Penn Museum lecture sexes up ancient history

2/18/10 - Penn Current
Penn Museum hosts soldiers from Fort Dix

Feb 2010 - Penn Gazette
Man, the Drinker

2/2/10 - Philly Weekly
The 'Goodlands' in North Philly

12/15/09 - University City Review
Righteous Dopefiend: New Exhibition at the Penn Museum Offers Intimate Look at Homelessness and Addiction in Urban America

12/1/09Philadelphia City Paper
Righteous Dopefiend

11/20/09Philadelphia Inquirer
Poof! Museum's a magic Potter-ville

10/26/09New York Times
At Ur, Ritual Deaths That Were Anything but Serene

9/8/09 - New York Times
Chew It Up, Spit It Out, Then Brew - Cheers!



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