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Adopt an Artifact

Penn Museum invites visitors to explore the wonders of history and culture from civilizations around the world through an extraordinary collection of nearly one million artifacts – objects created by humans for every day or sacred use. Just one percent of these artifacts are on public display at any one time, but the rest still need proper housing and care.

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Annual Fund

Your support for the Penn Museum's Annual Fund provides resources where they’re needed most—from special exhibitions to collections care to programs for school children.

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Director's Exhibitions & Galleries Fund

The Penn Museum has established the Director’s Exhibitions and Galleries Fund, through which its friends can support the vital regeneration of our signature galleries, or our changing exhibitions program, with a gift of any size.

Your support for the Director’s Exhibitions and Galleries Fund provides the flexibility for short-term gallery interventions that improve the visitor experience such as artifact rotation, improved lighting, signage, casework and complementary didactic materials in print and electronic media; major renovation projects including complete reinstallation; and changing exhibitions that present the Museum’s own collections in new light, or offer visitors an opportunity to see exceptional materials from outside.

All donors will receive recognition in the Museum’s publications including our Annual Report and on our website.

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Director's Field Fund

Since its inception, the Museum has sponsored over 300 excavation and research expeditions around the world. It continues to be one of the world’s leading intellectual centers of archaeological and anthropological discovery.

Central to our mission is the Museum’s ambitious program of ongoing fieldwork and research. For this reason, the Penn Museum has established the Director’s Fieldwork Fund, through which its friends can support the varied and diverse projects that take place every year with a gift of any size.

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Sponsor a School Group

Sponsor A School Group underwrites the costs of a school visit to the Museum, making the Museum’s outstanding educational programs accessible.

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Student Fieldwork Fund

The Penn Museum has established the Student Fieldwork Fund, through which its friends can support student opportunities to share in the thrill of discovery and receive hands-on training in archaeological techniques. Undergraduate and Graduate students have participated in excavations in the Mediterranean, Near East, Egypt, and Central and South America.

Your support for the Student Fieldwork Fund provides one or more students with a stipend for airfare and some living expenses while they work. The average stipend awarded per student is $1,500. Donors may elect to support one or more students for a single or multi-year period.

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Touch Tours

Touch Tours make the Museum's collections accessible to blind and visually impaired audiences from around the region.

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Unpacking the Past

Unpacking the Past brings our renowned archaeological collections to life for every seventh grade student in the Philadelphia School District and other school partners.

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