Loan Box Program

Using a Loan Box is a great way to bring a little bit of the Museum right into the classroom. On a limited basis, we can create a Loan Box for your class that contains artifacts from one of the many cultural groups represented in our Museum galleries. 

A Loan Box can be borrowed for up to one month by school districts and libraries within driving distance of the Penn Museum. It contains 10-12 items, each with its own information card, and general information for the teacher/facilitator to make effective use of the materials.

Loan Box Themes

  • Africa
  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • Ancient Mesoamerica (focus on the Maya)
  • Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Archaeology
  • Native American groups (Woodlands, Plains, Northwest Coast, Southwest)

Loan boxes can also be custom created to fit a school or library's needs.

This ancient Egyptian-themed loan box contains reproductions of (from left to right) a canopic jar, scarab mold, riqq, ankh, and an oil lamp. Photo by Erin JensenBasic Guidelines

  • A minimum of two weeks notice is needed to organize a box for your group. We recommend scheduling your request further ahead, since only a few requests can be accommodated at any given time.
  • A representative from your school or library must pick up and return the box, in person, during business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.
  • Loan objects must be stored in a locked cabinet when not in use.
  • A $75 administrative fee is charged for each box. (Additional fees are charged for damaged or missing objects.)

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