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Penn museum has an active calendar of events including lectures, seminars, and talks that showcase the latest research in archaeology and anthropology.

Date Title Event Type
Nov 11 2009 No Armchair Archaeologists Allowed: Lecture
Dec 09 2009 Memory, Power And Heritage Among The Maya Of Belize Lecture
Dec 16 2009 George Catlin's Indian Curiosities Lecture
Jan 13 2010 State Formation As Cultural Revolution Lecture
Jan 13 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Show me the Mummy Lecture
Jan 15 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Forensic Anthropology 101 Lecture
Jan 20 2010 Hasanlu and Urartu Lecture
Jan 27 2010 Deciphering an Ancient Maya Superpower Lecture
Jan 28 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: The Treasures of UR Lecture
Feb 03 2010 Archives and Archaeology: The Orvieto Collection Lecture
Feb 17 2010 Excavation and Research at the Sanctuary of Zeus Lecture
Feb 19 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Pharaoh Lecture
Feb 24 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Growing up Amish Lecture
Mar 02 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Iran today and in Historical Perspective Lecture
Mar 04 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Houses around the World Lecture
Mar 10 2010 Extreme Makeover: Queen Puabi Lecture
Mar 10 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: The History and Mystery of Belly Dancing Lecture
Mar 20 2010 North, West, and South from the Valley of the Kings- ARCE-PA Lecture
Mar 24 2010 Pre-Columbian Monumental Earthworks of the Amazon Lecture
Mar 24 2010 The Nature of Human Nature Lecture
Apr 15 2010 The Secrets of Tomb 10A- ARCE-PA Lecture Lecture
Apr 29 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: CSI: Egypt Lecture
May 08 2010 ARCE-PA Lecture: New Work at Malqata Lecture
May 11 2010 Commonwealth Lecture Program: Dance in Egypt Lecture
Sep 11 2010 Pre-Columbian Society Meeting: Conservation without Borders Lecture
Sep 27 2010 Animals in Art and Polemic Lecture
Oct 06 2010 Penn Museum Scholars Lecture: Oglanqala, Azerbaijan Lecture
Oct 13 2010 Penn Museum Scholars Lecture: Kalamianos Lecture
Oct 27 2010 Penn Museum Scholars Lecture: Literacy Lecture
Nov 03 2010 Penn Museum Scholars Lecture: San Vincenzo al Volturno Lecture

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