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Penn museum has an active calendar of events including lectures, seminars, and talks that showcase the latest research in archaeology and anthropology.

Date Title Event Type
Aug 02 2011 CSI: Ancient Egypt Lecture
Aug 06 2011 Hidden Cities of the Rainforest Lecture
Aug 10 2011 Death on the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Funerary Practices Lecture
Aug 11 2011 The Egyptian Mummy: Secrets and Science Lecture
Sep 11 2011 Making a Monument: The World Trade Center Lecture
Sep 18 2011 Members Only Lecture: Penn Museum Lecture
Sep 21 2011 If These Pots Could Talk... Lecture
Sep 29 2011 CHC Lecture: The Challenges of Going Green in Western Turkey Lecture
Oct 05 2011 Penn Science Cafe: The Coffee Ring Effect Lecture
Oct 06 2011 Timothy Rub Lecture: The Shape of Things to Come Lecture
Oct 12 2011 CHC Lecture: Ten Years after 9/11 Lecture
Oct 20 2011 CHC Lecture: Antiquities and Museums: The Story of the Getty Lecture
Oct 20 2011 CHC Lecture: The Illicit Market of Art and Antiquities Lecture
Oct 26 2011 Penn Lightbulb Cafe Lecture
Nov 02 2011 Women's Committee Luncheon/Lecture: Beauty Through the Ages Lecture
Nov 02 2011 CHC Lecture: Underwater Cultural Heritage Lecture
Nov 09 2011 Evening Lecture: The Morton Collection at the Penn Museum Lecture
Nov 30 2011 Bones, Bodies, Bias and Misbehavior Lecture
Nov 30 2011 Imagine Africa Lecture Series: Penn in Botswana Lecture
Dec 01 2011 CHC Lecture: The Lure of the Relic Lecture
Dec 05 2011 Reflections on Museums & Exhibits as Catalysts for Kenyahood Lecture
Dec 07 2011 Penn Light Bulb Caf Lecture
Jan 05 2012 Uncorking the Past: Ancient Ales, Wines & Extreme Beverages Lecture
Jan 13 2012 From Plunder to Partnership: Archaeology of Cyprus Lecture
Jan 26 2012 Penn Cultural Heritage Center: Saving Haiti Lecture
Feb 02 2012 Pergamon and its Maritime Satellite Elaia Lecture
Feb 21 2012 - Feb 21 2012 Who's Got the Knife? The Role of Surgeons in Transnational Transplant Trafficking Lecture
Feb 23 2012 """The Resurrectionists"": Penn Cultural Heritage Center" Lecture
Feb 28 2012 Imagine Africa: Contemporary South African Performance Lecture
Mar 08 2012 Islam in Modern Asia: Cosmopolitan, Not Western: Modern, Not Secular Lecture

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