Expedition Volume 2, Number 4 Summer 1960

Expedition Volume 2, Number 4 Summer 1960Cover: A Tiwi child and her father. Tiwi children are characteristically carried in this fashion, leaving the bearer's hands free. The father is painted and wears a feather ball as a sign of mourning.

Sketches of Tiwi Children
Jane C. Goodale

The "Old Fort" at Lahore--Restoration of a Moghul Fortress in West Pakistan
George F. Dales, Jr.

Electronics and Archaeology
Matthew W. Stirling, Froelich Rainey, and Matthew W. Stirling, Jr.

Why I Am a Mummy Duster
E. N. Brandt

A Faience Stela from the New Kingdom
Alan R. Schulman

Museum Staff

Editorial--Archaeological Salvage in Egypt

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