Expedition Volume 19, Number 4 Summer 1977

Expedition Volume 19, Number 4 Summer 1977Cover: Bronze plaque from Giyimli showing a deity with single-horned helmet carrying two quivers, standing on a lion, faced by a worshipper.

A Late Shang Place of Sacrifice and its Historical Significance
A. Gutkind Bulling

The Urartian Bronze Hoard from Giyimli
Orhan Aytug Tasyurek

Ancient Inventions for Tooling the Surfaces of Objects in Softer Metals
H. Bartlett Wells

Southeast Asia--The Changing Scene
Elizabeth Lyons

The Excavations of the University Museum Akhenaten Temple Project at Karnak
Donald B. Redford

Varna--A Sensationally Rich Cemetery of the Karanovo Civilization, about 4500 B.C.
Marija Gimbutas


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