Expedition Volume 21, Number 4 Summer 1979

Expedition Volume 21, Number 4 Summer 1979Special Issue: Mediterranean Market Trade in Classical Times
Cover: Greatly enlarged lion head terminal of the Achaemenid gold bracelet from Gordion (inventory # S 1).

The Mediterranean Market--Aspects of Trade in Classical Times: Introduction
Cynthia Jones Eiseman

Imports at Gordion--Lydian and Persian Periods
G. Kenneth Sams

West-Central Europe and the Mediterranean--The Decline in Trade in the Fifth Century B.C.
Peter S. Wells and Larissa Bonfante

Traders and Trading--Classical Athens
Lionel Casson

The Athenian Pottery Trade--The Classical Period
John Boardman

Hoards and Overstrikes--The Numismatic Evidence
Margaret Thompson


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New Directions--The Director Writes

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