Expedition Volume 25, Number 1 Fall 1982

Expedition Volume 25, Number 1 Fall 1982Special Issue: Archaeometallurgy
Cover: Photos by Heidi Moyer and Nick Hartmann. The background image is a SEM photomicrograph of the micro-structure of a 12th-11th century BC steel bracelet from a burial cave in the Baq'ah Valley Jordan. Superimposed is the image of a 9th century BC low-carbon wrought iron sword from the site of Hasanlu in northwestern Iran, which, like the Baq'ah site, was excavated by the University Museum.

Introduction--Archaeometallurgy and the University of Pennsylvania
Vincent C. Pigott

Fuel for the Metal Worker--The Role of Charcoal and Charcoal Production in Ancient Metallurgy
Lee Horne

Early Tin in the Near East--A Reassessment in the Light of New Evidence from Western Afghanistan
Serge Cleuziou and Thierry Berthoud

The Innovation of Iron--Cultural Dynamics in Technological Change
Vincent C. Pigott

Copper and Iron Production at Poggio Civitate (Murlo)--Analysis of Metalworking By-Products from an Arhaic Etruscan Site
P. G. Warden, Robert Maddin, Tamara Stech, and James D. Muhly

The Iron Industry Underground--The Archaeology of Historic American Iron Technology
Helen Schenck

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