Expedition Volume 27, Number 2 Summer 1985

Expedition Volume 27, Number 2 Summer 1985Special Issue: Exploring 5000 Years of Athletics
Cover: Photo by Fred Schoch. Two Greek vases showing ancient athletic competitions. Left: Black-figure amphora depicting a boxing match (MS 403), late 6th century BC, H. 29.5 cm, D. 17 cm. Right: Red-figure kylix with wrestling scene (MS 2444). 500-475 BC, H. 9.3 cm, D. 23.5 cm.

David Gilman Romano

"Trials of Strength"--Athletics in Mesopotamia
Ake W. Sjoberg

Boycotts, Bribes and Fines--The Ancient Olympic Games
David Gilman Romano

Etruscan Athletics--Glimpses of an Elusive Civilization
Karen Brown Vellucci

Roman Athletics--Classical Antecedents to the National Mania
Donald White

"To Play Properly with a Glass Ball"--An Unusual Object in The University Museum
Murray C. McClellan

The Rubber Ball Game--A Universal Mesoamerican Sport
Christopher Jones

Lacrosse--Political Organization in North America as Reflected in Athletic Competition
Marshall Joseph Becker

The History of Sporting America--Philadelphia Pastimes
John L. Cotter

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