Expedition Volume 27, Number 3 Winter 1985

Expedition Volume 27, Number 3 Spring 1985Special Issue: The Discovery of Maya History
Cover: Photo by John Taggart. Round-base vase with polychrome pictorial design, from Calcehtok, Yucatan. Plate LIV by Mary Louise Baker from Maya Pottery in the University of Pennsylvania Museum and in Other Collections.

Robert J. Sharer

Tikal, Guatemala--A Rationale for the Placement of the Funerary Pyramids
Mary Ellen Miller

Archaeology and Epigraphy Revisited--An Archaeological Enigma and the Origins of Maya Writing
Robert J. Sharer

Maya Hieroglyphs--A History of the Decipherment
Christopher Jones

Send Me Mr. Burkitt...Some Whisky and Wine!--Early Archaeology in Central America
Elin Danien

Population and Social Dynamics--The Dynasties and Social Structure of Tikal
William A. Haviland

Rebuilding the Ruins--Making a Scale Model of the Ancient Maya City of Tikal
Chris Ray

From the Archives--Mary Louise Baker and the Maya
Caroline G. Dosker

Lords of the Northern Maya--Dynastic History in the Inscriptions of Uxmal and Chichen Itza
Jeff Karl Kowalski

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