Expedition Volume 28, Number 2 Summer 1986

Expedition Volume 28, Number 2 Summer 1986Special Issue: Prehistoric Pioneers--Archaeology and the History of Farming
Cover: Photo by M. M. Voigt. The first plants and animals domesticated in the Middle East are still basic to village economics. In the fields surrounding the village of Lidar in southern Turkey, wheat, barley, and lentils are grown. Sheep and goats graze on the hillsides during the day, but return each evening to the village for milking.

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Introduction--The Origin and Growth of a Research Focus: Agricultural Beginnings
Robert J. Braidwood

Wild Animals Ain't So Wild, Domesticating Them Not So Difficult
Charles A. Reed

Dietary Reconstruction and Near Eastern Archaeology
Andrew Sillen

Bread and Beer--The Early Use of Cereals in the Human Diet
Solomon Katz and Mary M. Voigt

Herding Strategies at Neolithic Gritille--The Use of Animal Bone Remains to Reconstruct Ancient Economic Systems
Gil Stein

Cattle and the Harappan Chiefdoms of the Indus Valley
Walter Fairservis, Jr.

States, Chiefdoms, and Tribes
William Davenport

The Antiquity of Dairying in Temperate Europe
Peter Bogucki

Dairying in Irish Prehistory--The Evidence from a Ceremonial Center
Pam Crabtree

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