Expedition Volume 30, Number 1 Spring 1988

Expedition Volume 30, Number 1 Spring 1988Special Issue: Borneo
Cover: Photo by John Taggart. Borders, beaded design from a skirt, Taman, Kapuas River, Indonesian Borneo. P184. W. of band 22.0 cm, H. of beaded figures 10.3 cm. Carvings of the rhinocerous hornbill, probably Iban, Baran District, Sarawak. P815a, L. 77.5 cm, H. 47.5 cm.

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Opening Statment
William H. Davenport and Adria Katz

William H. Davenport

Dayaks and Forests of Interior Borneo
Timothy C. Jessup and Andrew P. Vayda

Agriculture in Interior Borneo--Shifting Cultivation and Alternatives
Christine Padoch

Ibanic Textile Weaving--Its Enchantment in Social and Religious Practices
Richard Allen Drake

Selections from the Exhibition--"The Dayaks: Peoples of the Borneo Rainforest" February 25, 1989, to June 3, 1990

Tribe-Sultanate Relationships--Traditional Patterns of Rule in Brunei
Donald E. Brown

Baby Carriers--A Link Between Social and Spiritual Values Among the Kenyah Dayak of Borneo
Herbert L. Whittier and Patricia R. Whittier

Trade Objects--Their Impact on the Cultures of the Indigenous Peoples of Sarawak, Borneo
Lucas Chin

Borneo to Philadelphia--The Furness-Hiller-Harrison Collections
Adria H. Katz

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