Expedition Volume 39, Number 1 Spring 1997

Expedition Volume 39, Number 1 Spring 1997Cover: Vintage scenes from the tomb of Nakht, western Thebes, dating to the end of the reign of Amenhotep II or beginning of the reign of Tuthmosis IV (ca. 1400 BC), after N. de G. Davies, The Tomb of Nakht at Thebes (New York, 1917), pl. 26. Photo courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, no. 15.5.19e (facsimile painting), Rogers Fund, 1915.

The Beginnings of Winemaking and Viniculture in the Ancient Near East and Egypt
Patrick E. McGovern, Ulrich Hartung, Virginia R. Badler, Donald L. Glusker, and Lawrence J. Exner

The Copper Hoards of Northern India
Paul Yule

Military Hospitals on the Frontier of Colonial America
David R. Starbuck

Animal Symbols at 'Ain Ghazal
Denise Schmandt-Besserat

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Behind the Scenes--Betel Chewing Paraphernalia from Asia and the Pacific

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