Expedition Volume 34, Number 1 - 2 Spring/Summer 1992

Expedition Volume 34, Number 1-2 Spring/Summer 1992Special Issue: Gifts to the Goddesses--Cyrene's Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone
Cover: Photo by Donald White. The University Museum team prepares to winch the large late Hellenistic marble statue of a priestess (Inv. 76-1307, Kane Cat. No. 147) up the steep slope of the Middle Sanctuary to flat ground on the Upper Sanctuary for eventual transfer by flatbed truck to its conservation laboratory, Summer 1976.

Preface: Excavations at The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, 1969-1981
Donald White

The Sanctuary's History and Architecture
Donald White

History, Trade, and the Terracottas
Jaimee P. Uhlenbrock

Pottery from the Sanctuary--A Question of Function
Gerald P. Schaus

Illustrations by the Early Travelers--An Appreciation of a Lost Art
Donald White

Gift, Offering, and Reciprocity--Personalized Remembrance and the "Small Finds"
P. Gregory Warden

The Coins and the Cult
T. V. Buttrey

Kore's Return--Statuary from the Sanctuary
Susan Kane

Statue Breakers and Spirit Exorcists--The Earthquake Destruction and Its Aftereffects
Donald White

Victims of the Quake
Janet Monge

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