Expedition Volume 32, Number 2 Summer 1990

Expedition Volume 32, Number 2 Summer 1990Special Issue: Gardens and Landscapes of the Past
Cover: "The Palaces of Nimroud Restored" shows an imaginative architectural reconstruction based on Austen Henry Layard's archaeological discoveries near Nineveh (and modern Mosul), from A. H. Layard, Nineveh and Its Remains, 2 vols. (New York: George P. Putnam, 1849, 1853), 1:29, 81; 2: Pl. 1 (detail).

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Introduction--Gardens and Landscapes of the Past
Kathryn L. Gleason

The Garden Portico of Pompey the Great--An Ancient Public Park Preserved in the Layers of Rome
Kathryn L. Gleason

Historic Morven--The Archaeological Reappearance of an 18th Century Princeton Garden
Anne Yentsch

They Have Saturdays and Sundays to Feed Themselves--Slave Gardens in the Caribbean
Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher

Charcoal, Isotopes, and Shell Hoes--Reconstructing a 12th Century Native American Garden
Gail E. Wagner

Dating Ancient Field Systems on the Berkshire Downs in England
Steve Ford, Mark Bowden, Vince Gaffney, and Geoff Mees

Palm Trees in Paradise--Victorian Views of the Ancient Near Eastern Landscape
Naomi F. Miller

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