Expedition Volume 31, Number 2 - 3 Summer/Winter 1989

Expedition Volume 31, Number 2 - 3 Summer/Winter 1989Special Issue: East of Assyria--The Highland Settlement of Hasanlu
Cover: Photo by the Hasanlu Project. The entrance to Burned Building II at Hasanlu, destroyed in about 800 BC.

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Rediscovering Hasanlu
Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

Glimpses of an Iron Age Landscape--Plants at Hasanlu
Mary Virginia Harris

Warfare at Hasanlu in the Late 9th Century B.C.
Oscar White Muscarella

Horse Gear from Hasanlu
Maude de Schauensee

Emblems of Authority--The Seals and Sealings from Hasanlu IVB
Michelle I. Marcus

Assyrian Texts--The Inscriptions of Assurnasirpal II and His Son
Tammi J. Schneider

The Emergence of Iron Use at Hasanlu
Vincent C. Pigott

Treasures from the Sea--Shells and Shell Ornaments from Hasanlu IVB
David S. Reese

The "Hasanlu Gold Bowl"--Thirty Years Later
Irene J. Winter

The Iron Age Architecture at Hasanlu--An Essay
Robert H. Dyson, Jr.

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