Expedition Volume 41, Number 2 Summer 1999

Expedition Volume 41, Number 2 Summer 1999Special Issue: Searching for Early Kings at Copan
Cover: Photo by Bunny Coates. The Yehnal Mask beneath the Acropolis at Copan, Honduras. The polychrome painted stucco mask located on the western facade of the Yehnal Platform shows a k'inich (sun) figure.

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Archaeology and History in the Royal Acropolis, Copan, Honduras
Robert J. Sharer

Tunneling into the Heart of the Copan Acropolis
David W. Sedat and Fernadno Lopez

Dynasty Founder Yax K'uk' Mo' According to the Inscriptions
John F. Harris

Uncovering Copan's Earliest Royal Tombs
Ellen E. Bell, Loa P. Traxler, David W. Sedat, and Robert J. Sharer

Featured Finds from Copan--A Portfolio of Photographs
Eleanor Coates

Conservation at Copan
Lynn Grant

From the Director

From the Archives--The Flowering of the Museum Gardens

Research Notes--In Search of Anau's Past

Science & Archaeology--Confounding the Conquistadors

Museum Mosaic--People, Places, Projects

What in the World--Lost and Found Fragments of Egyptian Wisdom


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