Expedition Volume 55, Number 2 Fall 2013


Table of Contents

  • Archaeology in the Digital Age: Creating an Online Research Tool for the Ancient City of Ur
  • Art during Wartime: Recruitment of Black Soldiers from the U.S. Civil War through African Independence Movements
  • Expedition to the Amazon: The First Documentary Film with Sound
  • Taming the Beast: The Digital Gordion Mapping Project
  • From the Editor
  • From the Director
  • In the Galleries
  • Museum Events
  • Past/Present: Overwhelmed by Time
  • Around the World
  • From the Archives: The Missing Piece
  • Portrait: Remembering Robert J. Sharer
  • Member News
  • Museum Mosaic
  • Book News + Reviews
  • Scholarship: Recent Work
  • Looking Back
  • Penn Museum Staff 2013

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