The University of Pennsylvania can offer its students direct access to some of the finest collections of art, artifacts, and rare books and manuscripts in the world. The incorporation of these objects into course instruction exposes students to these collections and enhances the learning environment of the classroom.

The following courses plan to have at least two class sessions at the Penn Museum, Kislak Center for Rare Books and Manuscripts, or another cultural institution. Note that this list is not comprehensive.

Course Number Title Instructor Time Course Description
AAMW 705/CLST 705 Ethnoarchaeology: Greece Tartaron, Tom W 2-5 Course Description
ANEL 740 Akkadian Religious & Scientific Texts Frame, Grant TBA Course Description Unavailable
ANTH 001 Intro to Archaeology Baron, Joanne W 6-9 Course Description
ANTH 004-601 The Modern World and its Cultural Background Baron, Joanne R 6-9 Course Description
ANTH 005 Great Transformations Ristvet, Lauren MW 2-3 Course Description
ANTH 048 Ancient Threads: Textiles in Archaeology and Anthropology Tiballie, Anne TR 10:30-12 Course Description
ANTH 122 Becoming Human Monge, Janet TR 1:30-3 Course Description
ANTH 157 Anthropology & the World's Fairs Krasniewicz, Louise T 1:30-4:30 Course Description
ANTH 254/LALS 254 Archaeology of the Inca Erickson, Clark TR 3-4:30 Course Description
ANTH 267/ANTH 567/CLST 268/CLST 568/NELC 286/NELC 586 Living World in Archaeology Megan Kassabaum TR 12-1:30 Course Description
ANTH 268 Anthropology of Museums Bruchac, Marge W 2-5 Course Description
ANTH 415 Archaeology of Animals Moore, Kate TR 10:30-12 Course Description
ANTH 514/CLST 512/AAMW 512 Petrography of Cultural Materials Boileau, Marie-Claude W 10-1 Course Description
ANTH 556/AAMW 556 Archaeological Field Methods & Problems Dibble, Harold F 2-5 Course Description
ARCH 712 Museum as Site: Critique, Intervention and Production Hornick, Andrea W 9-12 Course Description Unavailable
ARTH 103/EALC 013 Art & Civilization in East Asia Davis, Julie MW 12-1pm Course Description
ARTH 221/ARTH 621/AAMW 621 Greek Vase Painting Brownlee, Ann TR 1:30-3 Course Description
ARTH 312/SAST 312 Indian Sculpture: Icon and Narrative Meister, Michael T 3-6 Course Description
ARTH 435/NELC 489/COML 415/AAMW 435 Medieval Islamic Art & Architecture Holod, Renata TR 12-1:30 Course Description
ARTH 501/NELC 501/AAMW 509 Curatorial Seminar: Magic in the Museum Ousterhout, Bob and Grant Frame TR 10:30-12 Course Description
ARTH 511/SAST 505 Visuality in South Asia Meister, Michael F 12-2 Course Description
ARTH 714 Curatorial Seminar: Representing Place in Prints Davis, Julie W 2-4 Course Description
CLST 027/ANCH 027/HIST 027 Ancient Rome Grey, Cam MW 12-1 Course Description
CLST 123/ANTH 127 Great Discoveries in Archaeology Tartaron, Tom TR 12-1:30 Course Description
CLST 238/CLST 533/AAMW 533 Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome Rose, Brian TR 1:30-3 Course Description
CLST 275/AAMW 401 Introduction to Greek Archaeology Surtees, Laura MWF 10-11 Course Description
EALC 002 Intro to Japanese Civilization Kano, Ayako MW 1-2 Course Description
EALC 015/RELS 173/SAST 142 Intro to Buddhism McDaniel, Justin MW 1-2 Course Description
EALC 175/ANTH 285 Ancient Japanese Civ Nishimura, Yoko MW 2-3:30 Course Description
NELC 235 Food in the Islamic Middle East Sharkey, Heather T 1:30-4:30 Course Description Unavailable
NELC 046/ANCH 046/RELS 014 Myths & Religions of the Ancient World Frame, Grant MW 3:30-5 Course Description
NELC 062/AFST 062 Land of the Pharoahs Wegner, Josef TR 3-4:30 Course Description Unavailable
NELC 240/NELC 540 Mesopotamian Artifacts Zettler, Richard W 2-5 Course Description Unavailable
NELC 740/AAMW 723/ARTH 723/ANTH 723 The Neo-Sumerian Period Pittman, Holly T 3-5 Course Description
RELS 471 Religious Studies in 11 Objects McDaniel, Justin MWF 2-3 Course Description

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