Objects being prepared to go on exhibition get conserved, but they also need care while on exhibition. Each Monday, when the Museum is closed to the public, our Conservation Technicians, together with staff from the Exhibition Preparations Department, and the relevant Curatorial Section, work in the Galleries.

Vibration Mitigation

Beginning in the fall of 2015, a demolition and construction project occurring very close to the Museum has the potential to cause problems for many of our artifacts both on exhibition and in storage. Working closely with the Exhibitions Department, the Registrars’ Office, the Building Operations Staff, and outside specialists, we have begun to assess possible impacts on our collections and to take measures to prevent damage. Some of our most vulnerable monumental objects on exhibition will have to be deinstalled for their protection. Project Conservators will be carrying out triage treatments and making preparations for the safe deinstallation of the Buddhist murals from the Rotunda and the walls of the Tomb Chapel of Kaipure in Lower Egypt. Meanwhile another Project Conservator is reviewing the approximately 40,000 artifacts in Egyptian Storage and stabilize those that need assistance before they can be moved to a safer location.

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