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Follow Jeremy's Silk Road BlogIn conjunction with the upcoming exhibition Secrets of the Silk Road, the Penn Museum launches the On the Silk Road Blog. Jeremy Pine, PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Anthropology, blogs about his travels along the modern day silk route from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and China.

Jeremy PineJeremy's research includes an ethnography of the gray economy and trade networks in central Asia. Follow Jeremy as he seeks to answer the questions: “How do average people get access to goods to provide for their families?” and “What are the political and social formations and relationships that are invoked to make this access possible?”

Although people often think of the Silk Road as belonging to a romantic past, the fabled trade routes that existed centuries ago are active today. Jeremy's project aims to understand the social dynamics that make this trade possible by mapping the physical routes and social connections that are brought together through the commerce along the contemporary Silk Road. Follow Jeremy's adventures on the modern day Silk Road!

Secrets of the Silk RoadSecrets of the Silk Road makes it's first and only East Coast appearance at the Penn Museum February - June 2011. Featuring the most amazingly preserved mummies ever found, and rare artifacts never before seen in the West, this landmark exhibition tells a tale of long-forgotten cultures along the world’s most legendary trading route.


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