$100,000 Check from Treasures Sale & Show

Treasures Jewelry Sale & Show, Women’s Committee Fundraiser, Source of $100,000 Gift to the Penn Museum

When the Women’s Committee held their monthly meeting the day after Valentine’s Day, the all-volunteer group brought in a very large check—to the tune of $100,000—that they presented to Julian Siggers, the Museum’s Williams Director.

It was money earned from the Committee’s sparkling fundraising event, the Treasures Jewelry Sale & Show, held in October 2012. The three-day extravaganza featured more than two-dozen designers and jewelers offering a unique combination of antique, vintage, and high-end jewelry. Plans are already underway for a new Treasures Jewelry Sale & Show, in the fall of 2014.

The money raised from the 2012 Treasures Sale and Show made it possible for the Penn Museum to be the final U.S. venue for an exhibition of an art and archaeology masterpiece: the 300-plus square foot Lod Mosaic, discovered in Israel in 1996. With the Treasures gift, the Women’s Committee is the lead sponsor of the Museum’s unique presentation, Unearthing a Masterpiece: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel on view now through May 12, 2013.

Sometimes, generous gifts build upon gifts, and that is certainly the case with contributions from the Women’s Committee. Bringing the Lod Mosaic safely into the Museum would not have been possible if the Women’s Committee had not, the year before, contributed funds to restore the colossal Upper Kamin Entrance doors which lead directly to the Pepper Gallery where the Lod Mosaic is now on view.  Without that restoration, the magnificent but aged wooden doors could not have been opened—and the seven crates that held the Lod Mosaic, lifted in by crane, would not have found their way safely to the exhibition gallery.

 "Volunteerism is alive and well at the Penn Museum," noted Dr. Siggers, "and we're very fortunate to have a group of women with the energy and drive to create great events, and raise both friends and funds for future endeavors."




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