Himalaya: Land of the Snow Lion

Himalaya: Land of the Snow Lion was on display in our Merle-Smith gallery 01 November 2008 through 14 September 2009.

 In this new exhibition of 45 black and white images, photographer Andrea Baldeck explores the territory, often called "between heaven and earth," encompassing ethnic, cultural and historical Tibet, which stretches from the western Himalaya mountains of Ladakh (northern India), to Bhutan, the Tibetan Autonomous Region, and east into Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Her photographs offer a compelling look at an ancient, mostly Buddhist world through portraiture, landscapes, architecture and still life. These invite the viewer to share in her personal, often intimate, journey, exploring the texture and rhythm of human life in these harsh and remote mountains, once isolated, now increasingly exposed to the forces of societal change in an ever more interconnected world.

Photo caption: Water monster gargoyle on temple roof, Tibet 2005.  Photo by Andrea Baldeck.

You can see these images in the hard-back book, Himalaya: Land of the Snow Lion, available for purchase online at the Penn Press.

Photographer Andrea Baldek has a second exhibition, The Texture of Trees, on view at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania from 01 November 2008 through 14 September 2009.

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