The Goodlands

December 10, 2009 -  May 14, 2010
"If you can imagine and see a community in a different way, you can create a community in a different way."
- Reverend Patrick Cabello Hansel, Founder of the Goodlands®

Penn Museum Kress LobbyPenn Museum presents The Goodlands, an exhibition of photographs by children in North Philadelphia. This exhibition challenges stereotypes and negative biases by highlighting hopeful images in a local community.

Developed in 2000, the Goodlands® builds hope in Fairhill and West Kensington areas of North Philadelphia by encouraging children to see and create beauty in their neighborhood through photography.


 North Philadelphia has been stigmatized by the media for years as the “Badlands"- a region ridden by drugs, crime, and poverty.  Perpetuating a stereotype of a neighborhood as unlivable takes its toll on the people who reside there, particularly the young people. The Goodlands® was created to counter negative misconceptions of this community as well as build artistic talent in young people.

Over the years hundreds of children in the Goodlands® have taken photographs that have been displayed in Philadelphia at numerous exhibitions. Countless exhibit attendees have been able to connect with young artists the Goodlands® community through these telling photographs. The photographs produced by the children of Centro Nueva Creacion are powerful, capturing the hope, vibrancy, and playfulness they perceive through their photographic lens.

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