Widener Lecture Room

Beautiful hardwood floors, balcony seating and a stage provide an ideal setting for lectures, meetings, dinners and live performances. The Widener Lecture Hall is fully AV equipped and includes built-in stage lighting.

Rental Specifications
Seated reception: 90
Standing reception: 100
Theatre-style seating: 150, 200 including balcony seating

Widener Lecture Room

Egypt Upper Gallery

Amidst Pharaohs and Mummies of Egypt, the Egyptian Upper Gallery offers an unique setting for any celebration.  This space is flexible enough to accommodate presentations, dancing, or a dinner party.

Rental Specifications

Seated reception: 220
Standing reception: 400
Theatre-style seating: 275
Dimensions: 4,848 sq ft., (134' x 36')




Harrison Auditorium

Nobel yet classic, the Harrison Auditorium is a one-of-a-kind space.  With its coffered dome and sunburst ceiling, it offers a dramatic and historic setting for lectures, meetings and live performances.

Rental Specifications
Theatre-style seating: 779
Dimensions: 4,817 sq ft.
Stage Dimensions: (44' x 23.5')

*Please note, stage dimensions are approximate as the shape of the stage is not symmetrical. Food or drinks are not allowed in this area.


Pepper Mill Café

Serving lunch daily and with views of the Mosaic Courtyard below, the Pepper Mill Café offers a relaxed space for any occasion.

Rental Specifications
Seated reception: 90
Standing reception: 90
Theatre-style seating: 90
Dimensions: 1,399 sq ft.

The Pepper Mill Café


Rainey Auditorium

Rainey Auditorium is A/V equipped. This classroom-style auditorium accomodates small to mid-sized meetings and lectures.

Rental Specifications
Theatre-style seating: 182
Stage Dimensions: (25' x 11')
Projector Screen: (20’ x 10’)
*Please note, food or drinks are not allowed in this area.


Egypt Lower Gallery

A dramatic space beneath Guastavino vaults, the Egyptian Lower Gallery leads a warm backdrop for any event.  Create the opportunity for your guests to explore a royal Egyptian palace, and come face to face with the 12-ton sphinx of Ramses II (the third largest sphinx in the world).

Rental Specifications
Seated reception: 120
Standing reception:200
Theatre-style seating: 200
Dimensions: 4,817 sq ft.
*Please note that galleries contain artifacts that are stationary, and may obstruct sight lines.


Mosaic Hall & Courtyard

Nestled between two inner gardens, and featuring ancient mosaics from Syria and Carthage, Mosaic Hall & Courtyard is a simple and charming space ideal for smaller receptions.

Rental Specifications

Hall Capacity:
Courtyard Capacity:
Seated reception: 60             Seated reception: 150
Standing reception: 80                Standing reception: 200
Theatre-style Seating: 60 Theatre-style Seating: 110
Dimensions: 1,020 sq ft. Dimensions: 1,520 sq ft


Stoner Courtyard

Featuring sculptural pieces of A.S Calder, a cobble-stone walkway, and central marble fountain, this exquisite courtyard garden creates the perfect atmosphere for any outdoor function.

Rental Specifications
Dimensions: 12,256 sq ft., (160' x 77')
*Please note that capacity varies according to setup


Warden Garden

Entertain you guests in this private and elegant garden within the city. This beautiful setting, featuring mosaics by the Tiffany Glass Company, provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor ceremonies, cocktails, and receptions.

Rental Specifications
Dimensions: 12,256 sq ft., (160' x 77')

*Please note that capacity varies according to setup.


Chinese Rotunda

Under the breath-taking 90 foot dome, a marvel of early 20th century engineering, you’ll be surrounded by the art of ancient China. The largest event space in the Museum, the Chinese Rotunda is sure to create an everlasting impression for you and your guests.

Rental Specifications

Seated reception: 300
Standing reception: 600
Dimensions: 5,637 sq ft.


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