Gordion Paleoethnobotanical and "Ecopark" Project

Gordion (Turkey) Paleoethnobotanical and "Ecopark" Project: Appreciating plants in Central Anatolia.


Site: Gordion, modern: Yassıhöyük, village: Yassıhöyük Köyü, Turkey

Middle Bronze Age to Medieval; Modern; future

Dr. Naomi Miller, Penn Museum
John 'Mac' Marston, UCLA

This long-term project focuses on vegetation and land use from antiquity to the present, and on toward the future. Analylsis of archaeological plant remains shows us how people lived on the land in the past. Ongoing work towards developing an ecological/archaeological park in the region involves using native plants to help preserve the ancient monuments and celebrating regional biodiversity through the establishment of a mini-botanical garden at the local museum.

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