The Jiroft Civilization: A New Culture of the Bronze Age on the Iranian Plateau

Excavations of the sites of Konar Sandal South and North near Jiroft in south-central Iran have revealed a hitherto unknown civilization of the Early Bronze Age that interacted with societies in Mesopotamia, the Indus valley and Central Asia.

The new excavations have produced an extensive ceramic assemblage, and monumental, domestic, and craft production areas. Most interesting among the finds are more than 400 seal impressions of cylinder and stamp seals used in economic administration.

Photo caption: In 2002 the Iranians began excavations at Konar Sandal South and North near the town of Jiroft in the Halil River Valley. Dating to the middle of the 3rd millennium BC, Konar Sandal South has a lower town that surrounded a 30 meter high citadel (background).


Early Bronze Age (3000–2000 BC)

Dr. Youssef Madjidzadeh, Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization
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