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Trade Along the Heroin Road

For the purposes of my research, I have chosen to concentrate on the exchange of household goods and clothing on the transnational routes of Central Asia instead of the (at first blush) more sexy markets of arms and narcotics. Although … Continue reading

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Exchange with Africa

Although the idea of the Silk Road is a persistent metaphor for the deep historical roots of globalization some recent scholarship, such as Enseng Ho’s The Graves of Tarim, show that that cultural and economic exchange between Asia and Africa … Continue reading

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NYTimes Caught Silk Road Fever

An article was published in the times today extolling the wonders of Xinjiang, the most northwestern province of China and where I will be in mid-to-late 2011 for my fieldwork. I am sure that the article will achieve its goal … Continue reading

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Not so Osh-ome

During the days when I was in the southern city of Osh last week with J.A., my photographer friend, we attempted to find media outlets that would be interested in seeing and reading about the ways that Osh is coping … Continue reading

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Buzkashi or Blue Wolf (Otherwise Known as Goat-Carcass-Polo)

While the more civic minded residents of Bishkek went to Ala-Too Square to obverse patriotic festivities during the morning of Independence Day, myself and other local sports enthusiasts gathered at the Hippodrome to see the lively Central Asian sport of … Continue reading

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Did somebody say party?

Despite the dreary rain signaling the end of the summer in the Chui Valley, the people of Kyrgyzstan are anxious and hopeful this week. The reason for so much worry and excitement is that on Sunday October 10, a new … Continue reading

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