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In CA Once Again

I’m currently in Bishkek, reconnecting with some of my bazaar contacts at Dordoi and planning a short trip to Osh and Jalalabad (and possibly Naryn and Batken) in the coming weeks. One of my informants has an uncle who wanted … Continue reading

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Not so Osh-ome

During the days when I was in the southern city of Osh last week with J.A., my photographer friend, we attempted to find media outlets that would be interested in seeing and reading about the ways that Osh is coping … Continue reading

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Buzkashi or Blue Wolf (Otherwise Known as Goat-Carcass-Polo)

While the more civic minded residents of Bishkek went to Ala-Too Square to obverse patriotic festivities during the morning of Independence Day, myself and other local sports enthusiasts gathered at the Hippodrome to see the lively Central Asian sport of … Continue reading

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Did somebody say party?

Despite the dreary rain signaling the end of the summer in the Chui Valley, the people of Kyrgyzstan are anxious and hopeful this week. The reason for so much worry and excitement is that on Sunday October 10, a new … Continue reading

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Bishkek Street Art: Graffiti and Freedom of Speech

One feature that has always stood out to me, as an American, about post-Soviet Central Asian cities is the lack of a culture of street art. The presence of quasi-anonymous public art gives voice to the thoughts and feelings of … Continue reading

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A New Independence Day

On August 31, 1991 the Supreme Soviet (roughly the equivalent of parliament during the Soviet Union) voted to make the Kyrgyz Republic an independent country. Since then, the day has been commemorated with parades and other various patriotic fanfare in … Continue reading

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The First Day of School…

September 1 marks the first day of school for children all across Kyrgyzstan. To distinguish this day, parents dress children in their nicest clothes. The uniform colors are black and white for everyone, boys in black suits and girls in … Continue reading

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10 Years and 2 Revolutions Later…

The last time I lived in Kyrgyzstan was in 1999-2000 while I was conducting research for my undergrad thesis at Hampshire College*. The 1990s was a really horrible time for people living in the former Soviet Union. Currencies were devalued … Continue reading

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Trekking Towards the East – On the Road to the Fieldsite

Flights directly to Kyrgyzstan are expensive. In fact, I found that I would be spending the same price to hopscotch across Europe visiting old friends and attending weddings as I would buying a simple flight from NYC to Bishkek. Over … Continue reading

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