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Thanks to the generosity of the Internet Archive, nearly all of the archives' collection of films is available online. Film collections include the documentary footage of Watson Kintner and his travels to Guatemala, Guyana, Ecuador, Morocco, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Australia, Iran, and Ethiopia, all filmed with a 16mm camera from 1933-1969. We also hold a few episodes of the well-loved television show "What in the World?", a museum-sponsored game show in which a panel of experts was asked to identify the culture, place and use of an obscure object taken from the museum's storerooms.

While we encourage the use and re-use of our films for creative purposes, please note that the museum archives holds copyright to this content. To protect your interests, please be sure to contact the archives so that we can grant permission for the re-use of these films.

Watson Kintner Collection

Archival Travelogues

Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon Collection